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Week 1

Our Energetic World and the Relevance to Healing

-Everything is energy. Get better understanding of how this affects you on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

-I will describe how I “see and sense” your energetic Being. How I interpret where a person is blocked and how I start shifting the energy to release those blocks

 Meditation: Open to the Energetic Flow

Week 2

Demystify the True Meaning of A Healer

-So much mystery surrounds the space, we often think it is meant only for a few select “special and gifted” individuals.

-Recognizing a truly “elevated” healer and the difference between the levels of abilities.

-If you are already working as a healer, or planning to start, being able to recognize “where” you are healing from will help you to understand the struggles you may be having.

Meditation: Settle into a New Reality

Week 3

Everyone is a Healer

 -We get so caught up in our own “stories” that we fail to understand the true nature of our Being.

-We all have ability to heal by moving and sharing energy.

-Recognize in yourself and others where energy may be blocked and how that relates to physical, emotional or spiritual “problems”.

-Get a better understanding of how we are all connected and how YOU make a difference in your family, community & the world.

Meditation: Open to Expansion


Week 4

Understand Your Healing Abilities

-Sensitive people easily “see” the light in others but seldom are able to see it expressed from within.

-Recognize your own unique gifts.

-Look inward to accept, release and heal yourself. When you can understand how you have moved through that process you are much more likely to recognize and help shift the same frequencies in others.

Meditation: Internal Reflection

Week 5

Why is Life so Challenging?

-We are meant to face challenges. These challenges are what help us to grow.

-On a spiritual level we planned these challenges. By moving through, and learning from, life’s challenges you are already “healing” others by shifting energy, not only in the physical but also emotional and spiritual plain.

-Once you come to a deeper understanding of your own life lessons, you can start sharing that frequency “shift” with others from a place of depth.

Meditation: Change Your Perspective Regarding Life’s Challenges 

Week 6

Getting Started

-Understand everyone is on their own path with their own timelines and abilities, including yourself.

-When you can release the “need” to heal others you’ll understand you are ready to share from a more complete space. 

-Release judgment and expectations. Everything is happening when and as it should!!!

-Practical tips for sharing your gifts with others.

Meditation: Unlimited Possibilities



 Use Promo Code 10OFF2ORMORE to get any two courses for $100


 Use Promo Code 10OFF2ORMORE to get any two courses for $100


Developing Your Intuitive Gifts

Do you want to understand what intuition is and how it can be used in your daily life? Are you wondering if you have your own intuitive gifts and what they may be? Are you looking to advance the gifts that you already work with or develop more?

***Expect energetic shifts. These shifts will be intense for some people***

Week 1 

What are Intuitive Gifts and How to Consciously Use Them.

I will discuss how to recognize and strengthen your own intuitive abilities.

Mediation- Opening the 3rd Eye

Week 2 

Releasing Fear of the Unknown

Acknowledge and understand your own fears and how they stop expansion in all areas of your life, not just spiritual growth. Learn techniques to release and move past those fears.

Meditation- Release Fears and Open up to Possibilities

Week 3 

What are Your Intuitive Gifts

I will explain Intuitive Gifts and how to start recognizing what your own gifts are. This will allow you to come to a deeper understanding of your own abilities, how to expand on your strengths and work on your weaknesses.

Meditation- Meet Your Higher Self and Drop Resistance to Experiencing Your Connection to the Fullest


Week 4 

Releasing Self Doubt

We tend to minimize or dismiss our own experiences, especially if they are more subtle in nature. I will be discussing how mind chatter can be quieted or released entirely.

Meditation- Releasing Self Doubt and Separating From Mind Chatter

Week 5 

Releasing Blocks and Self Defeating Patterns

Blocks and self defeating patterns stop us, on an energetic level, from fully experiencing our true self. These blocks may be from personal experience in this lifetime or past lifetimes, familial or societal. You may notice you are stuck in some or several areas of your life. We will talk about recognizing blocks and patterns and what you can do to break away and start experiencing your life from a higher perspective.

Meditation- Recognizing and Releasing Blocks and Patterns

Week 6 


Understanding that surrendering control allows you to move into alignment with your Higher Self, which in turn, allows you to access all levels of your intuition.

Meditation- Surrender



 Use Promo Code 10OFF2ORMORE to get any two courses for $100


 Use Promo Code 10OFF2ORMORE to get any two courses for $100


 Week 1 

Disconnect from your Stories, Patterns and Distortions

 -We will discuss how society, family and your own personal experiences solidify to create your reality.

-Understand how connecting to your Spirit and Pure Source can allow your life to start flowing in your natural state of balance.

-Become conscious of your frequency levels in different areas of your life

-Learn how being consciously proactive can change your frequencies in a very positive way.

Meditation: Wipe the Slate Clean


 Week 2 

Habits – Moving from Unconscious to Conscious

-Learn how living unconsciously can keep you stuck.

-Understand the habits that you have been living with and why your life seems to be on repeat.

-Changing a few key behaviors can be enough to kick you out of those ruts before they get any deeper.

Meditation: Live your Life Consciously


 Week 3 

Be your Authentic Self

-Envision your authentic, not perfect, self. There is a huge difference!

-Have you been hiding or dimming your light?

-Keeping yourself small so others can feel big?

-Understand how living at a level that is less than your true self can lead to anger, stress & anxiety.

-I will explain how I see the potential of authentic self in other people.

Meditation: Introduction to your Authentic Self

 Week 4 

Recognize and Reconnect to what is Truly Important to You

-I will discuss how I see so many people caught up in the small details of day to day life that they often forget what is really important.

-Decide what is truly important to you and recognize how you have been putting it far from where it belongs on the to do list of life.

-Being ok with what is truly important to you. It doesn’t have to “fit” with what others think.

Mediation: Accepting your Authentic Self


  Week 5 

Self Esteem

-I will discuss how very important and relevant you are. Not only in your own life but also in the lives of so many others.

-When you dismiss your own importance you cause a massive distortion in your whole Being as well as your connection to Pure Source.

-Understand your own feelings about yourself.

Meditation: Connect to your Brilliance



Week 6 

Liberate Yourself from Living a Life of Apathy

-Society, media, marketing and our own lifestyles demand immediate results.

-This overstimulation of instant gratification leads straight to indifference if not continually fed by more…….stuff, money, praise, excitement, love.

-Break free from this cycle and start living authentically.

Meditation: Make your Life your Own



 Use Promo Code 10OFF2ORMORE to get any two courses for $100


 Use Promo Code 10OFF2ORMORE to get any two courses for $100

Surviving the Chaos Without The Emotional Roller Coaster 


Week 1 

Why the Confusion

Understand the state of confusion that people are experiencing and why it is a really great start to growth.

Meditation- Clearing to Start Fresh

Week 2

Disconnect From Chaotic Energies

Do you get caught up in the energetic overload around you? Do you experience everything on a personal level? Do you experience anxiety when a significant event happens around the world or in your hometown?

Meditation-Recognize and Disconnect from the chaos

Week 3 

Feeling Lost and Emotional?

Understanding Why this Is Actually a Good Thing.Get a deeper understanding of what you are feeling and why everything is so intense right now. We will discuss why confusion can be a wonderful state of being.


Week 4 

Embracing Change

Changes often are a cause for anxiety or fear. The great unknown can be intimidating. Learn to embrace change with a sense of anticipation.The truth will continue to unfold as it should and cannot be forced but calmly lived.

Meditation-Your True Path

Week 5 

Surrender to Your Higher Self

Come to a deeper understanding of your true Being. Allow your brilliance to shine.

Meditation-Higher Self Realizations

Week 6 

Live with Purpose

Do you struggle with what you “should” be doing or what you feel you are missing in your life. Understand why you may be feeling this way and start to shift to a purpose based life.

Meditation- Open To Your Purpose



 Use Promo Code 10OFF2ORMORE to get any two courses for $100


 Use Promo Code 10OFF2ORMORE to get any two courses for $100

A Beautiful Journey of Spiritual Awakening-6 Week Meditation Series 



Remove any restrictions

Release all confinements

Drop all obstructions

Clear blocks, heaviness, past life ties, family lineage issues, old contracts, patterns and programs

This week allows you to really release and let go of things on an energetic level. Most of these issues are so automatic and ingrained that we don't realize they are there, let alone that there is a need to release them.


Release the need to control

This week allows you to let go of the illusion that control is a good thing. The harder you work to control situations (people, your life, and other's lives) the more out of balance you actually are. Controlling behavior is very restricting. On an energetic level I see this as a space of constriction rather than expansion. The need to control takes you out of alignment with the choice to evolve.


Releasing fear is probably the largest obstacle on your spiritual journey

This week allows you to release fear. At a spiritual level I will instill the strength and courage it requires to continue on your spiritual path.



Are you always looking ahead to where you think you "should" be?

Do you beat yourself up for not being "there" already?

Do you envision a specific place, circumstance, person or financial goal that will make you feel contentment, happiness or joy?

This week allows you to release the need for a specific destination. Why limit yourself? We will open up to all of the beautiful possibilities that we can't even conceive of at this point in our journey.


We are not alone on our journey. We are always connected to the other side. All of us are born with the ability to understand this but for most people that ability gets "turned down".

This week allows you to connect and be introduced to your team. You will be introduced to them on an energetic level so that you will recognize them in the future. You may see, feel, hear or sense your guide(s) and Angel(s) at a deeper level than you thought possible.


The next spiritual level is available to everyone.

Are you ready to go there?

This week allows you to bask in the Pure Source frequency. The entire 6 week event is a frequency upgrade but this week will be extremely focused on fine tuning your frequency.



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